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Plumbing & Heating Parts Shortage

Following last months’ update we wanted to update you again as we enter April.

At this point in time the position remains the same as that in March, and some plumbing parts, new boilers and boiler parts are in short supply.

This is due to both Brexit and the Ukraine war, as a lot of components come from factories in Europe and Eastern Europe.

Whilst this is disappointing, we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to work with our suppliers to make improvements.

We are still not receiving the volume of components we need to repair boilers and central heating systems as usual.

For new Boilers from brands like Baxi and Worcester, the main component that is causing the manufacturing delay is the pump that goes into the majority of Combi and System boilers.

So please bear with us, this is a nationwide issues that is effecting plumbers and heating engineers throughout the whole of the UK.

If we’ve ordered a part for you, we will tell you about the parts sourcing issue first and foremost so you are aware from the get go.

And are if you don’t hear back it’s only because we too are in the dark about its potential availability - so we ask for a bit of patience as we try to find alternatives and tackle this supply chain issue.

Mark at Azure Heating & Plumbing

📞 01872 276 276

Truro Plumber - parts shortage

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