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What time of the year is the best to install a New Boiler?

When is the best time to install a new Boiler?

When is the best time of year to Install a New Boiler?

If you are planning to have a new boiler (gas or oil) installed, you may be wondering about when the best time is to have it fitted.

In our experience, it's best to get your new Boiler installed in the Summer time, when gas engineers are less busy with winter boiler breakdowns.

And because you can’t access your heating or hot water during the installation of your new boiler - some homeowners prefer to have their new gas or oil boiler fitted during the warmer months.

Having a boiler installed during Summer is generally thought to be less disruptive as you can cope better without heat for a day or two.

However, if you can plan ahead, then it’s sometimes worth thinking about when would be the most convenient time for you - as installing a new boiler does bring with it a small amount of short-term disruption to your home.

Here at Azure Heating & Plumbing we always aim to minimise disruption in your home and complete all work as quickly as possible, but we know installations will still cause some upheaval.

How Quickly can my new Boiler be installed?

Some boiler installations can be done in a single day, when we are changing a like for like system.

For example, if you are replacing a gas combi boiler with a new gas combi, the job will be quicker and can usually be carried out in a day or two if no issues are encountered.

Depending on factors such as these, including whether you’re having new radiators fitted or keeping your old ones, installing a new gas boiler in your home can take between 1- 4 days.

Oil Boilers can take a little bit longer to install, so allocate 3-5 days as a precaution.

So if you do think you'll need a new Boiler installed before the winter, get in touch today for a Quote - once you accept our Quote we'll book you in for a stress-free Summer installation.

And by the time the winter comes, you'll be toasty and warm with your new Boiler heating your home to perfection!

But do hurry, as we do fill up quickly for Summer Boiler installations, as people plan these jobs in advance to avoid disruption during the cold seasons.

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