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Did you know? 57% of people use their phone on the toilet!

Oooh the irony of this statistical fact for a plumbing business!

Now if only we could get some stats on how many people search for plumbers whilst on the toilet and on their mobile phone!

Do you use your phone on the throne?

We thought the newspaper was traditionally the only form of entertainment available on the toilet, but oh my how times have changed!

A recent YouGov survey revealed that a trip to the toilet is increasingly not complete without a phone.

The majority of Brits (57%) admit to using their phone on the toilet, including 8% who say they “always” do it and another 14% who say they do “most times”.

A majority of 18 to 29 year old men (61%) say they use their phone on the throne every time, or most times, as do 44% of women of the same age.

Overall, 86% of men and 84% of women under 30 say they do it to some extent.

This figure declines with each subsequent age group, bottoming out at just 33% of men aged over 60 and 22% of women the same age saying they ever use their phone while sitting on the loo.

Gender also plays a role: across all generations men consult their phones more frequently than women.

This demographic shift means that phone use on the toilet can only become more commonplace over time.

So next time you are looking for a plumber, gas or heating engineer, there’s a high chance you did your research on the toilet - seems rather apt don’t your think?!

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