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Gas Cooker or Electric - which is best?

We’re not only Plumbers and Gas Engineers here at Azure, we’re also avid foodies!

Gas cookers are a great addition to any kitchen. They heat up quickly, offer excellent control when cooking and are perfect for anyone serious about making meals.

So having a great gas oven, gas cooker is an absolute must for us!

So why choose a Gas Oven over an Electric Oven?

Well timing and heating-up time is crucial!

Electric ovens take about 20 minutes to heat up properly whereas Gas ovens have flames which provide an immediate heat supply, so they can reach the set temperature quicker.

The air in a Gas Oven has a higher moisture content, which helps meats and dishes stay succulent and helps prevents cakes and breads from drying out.

Gas is also cheaper than electricity, so if your house has a gas supply, you may want to take advantage of this by getting a Gas Oven.

Gas Ovens are given an energy efficiency ratings between A+++ and D, with A+++ being the best rating.

So energy efficient gas appliances use less gas, saving you money on your bills.

While a cheaper appliance may cost less initially, it’s likely a more energy efficient model will save you money in the long-term - so we do recommend investing in a great quality Gas Oven.

Brands we like are:

• Hotpoint

• Rangemaster Professional

• Smeg

• Neff

• Bosch Features to look out for:


Pyrolytic ovens use a high-temperature program to reduce burnt-on cooking grime to ash. Catalytic liners help break down fatty spills and splashes.

Digital controls LED LCD Display

These can be more precise than dials. They can also offer more flexibility and guidance, and give a more streamlined look.

Programmable timer

Lets you set the oven to cook for a specific time. The oven automatically turns on, cooks and turns off afterwards.

Telescopic runners

These make pulling shelves out and pushing them back in again a smoother and more stable experience.

Steam cooking

Some ovens come with a water tank that can be set to steam cook or to inject bursts of steam. Moisture settles on your food, then evaporates, which causes the surface to crisp up.

Cooking with a Gas Oven is just a joy, from cooking incredible Sunday Roasts, and baking to much much more.

So if you are looking for a local Truro Plumber & Gas Engineer to install your Gas Oven or Cooker - get in touch today.

We cover all areas of Cornwall.

Call 01872 276 276

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