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Google Nest installer Cornwall - the learning thermostat

Did you know that we install Google Nest thermostats?

Here‘s why a Nest is a great idea for your home (credit: Google).

How a Nest thermostat helps save energy

A Nest thermostat learns the temperatures that you like when you’re at home and then programs itself. It automatically turns down the heating when you’re away to help save energy.

Here’s the proof. Many thermostats are programmable. You enter every temperature change that you want throughout the day or choose a start and stop time to heat your home. It’s annoying and complicated, so many people don’t even bother.

Learns from you and programs itself You don’t have to program a Nest thermostat. Just change the temperature whenever you like during the first few days after it's been installed. It will get to know the temperatures that you like and when you want them. Then it programs itself and creates a weekly temperature schedule. A Nest thermostat also learns how quickly your home heats and cools, because no two homes are exactly the same.

And it considers the outside weather conditions.

When it’s very cold, your home may take longer to reach the temperature you want.

So, a Nest thermostat can figure out how early it needs to turn your system on the heating to get your home to the target temperature on time. And it learns when to turn your system off to prevent overshooting the target temperature.

Can help save energy while you’re away In addition to learning a temperature schedule, your Nest thermostat will automatically switch to a custom Eco Temperature when you’re away.

And when you come back, it will switch back to your scheduled temperature.

You don’t have to remember to change the temperature as you come and go, the Nest thermostat does it for you. Get in touch today if you are interested in installing a Google Nest in your home.

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