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So you want to be a Plumbing and Heating Engineer?

If you are thinking of starting a career in plumbing, and would like a crash course in a day in the life of a plumber - we’ve got you covered.

A day in the life of a plumber is constantly changing, with a pipe burst or broken boiler interrupting even the best planned of days.

As a plumber you need a grounded knowledge in many overlapping trades and it helps to know carpentry and construction works to succeed.

Plumbing is a tough job to do and it takes years (10+) to learn everything, in fact you never stop learning in plumbing and heating.

The biggest misconception of plumbers is that we earn a fortune for minimal work.


We earn every penny we get, as highly trained professionals in our fields, we give a service that is vital to the public in water, gas, heating and sanitary areas.

There is a ton of work that goes on behind-the-scenes to just get a day's work organised.

There are very few jobs that can be described as stress free, and plumbing is definitely not one of them unfortunately.

Being a plumber and heating engineer comes with its own set of pressures and concerns. Each job is so unique that it’s virtually impossible to prepare in advance.

Plumbers are always walking into the unknown and 9 times out of 10 - even a seemingly standard job can be like opening a can of worms.

So oftentimes all diary planning goes out the window, and jobs may have to be rescheduled as the day runs away with the unexpected.

Then there’s trying to play catch-up on jobs which were re-scheduled, that’s an ever evolving beast.

So plumbing is sometimes quite literally a constant game of catch-up and rescheduling.

There is not a lot of public awareness of how plumbers work and how each job is so vastly different that it’s almost impossible to predict how long each job will take if the unexpected pops up - and this is oftentimes the case.

While everyone does it, multitasking can add stress.

How are you when you’re on the phone and trying to make that plumbing repair at the same time?

Where is your attention really?

Plumbing and heating is serious job that involves a great deal of dedication, concentration and hard work. It also has a huge health and safety responsibility attached to it too.

Plumbers and Heating Engineers are master multitaskers - as a plumber, you’ll be working your body and your mind all the time. Analysing problems, developing solutions, and handling day-to-day business transactions.

There are plenty of jokes and biases, but thankfully, more and more people are realising what plumbers do for us, and respect for the trade is growing.

Indeed, the entire social landscape regarding skilled trades is shifting.

After all, not everyone can be a plumber – people try to fix extensive problems themselves, make it worse, and then realise that they need the professional, to fix things for them.

So if you think you’re cut out for plumbing and heating, you must be a highly qualified and professionally certified Jack of all trades - a unique always evolving enigma in the tradesperson world.

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